Thursday, January 07, 2010


My oldest and soon my middle one are at the point in their lives were they are looking for more than friendship. They are not boy crazy, but they are thinking about the possibilities of holding someone's hand while walking to school or viewing a movie. I tell them, all the time, "It's more important to have friends. Be friends. Friends will be there for you." And today all those adages came true.

Today I had a 2 and a half hour lunch with a dear friend from high school. We were in the same grade. He had a thing for my sister. They even dated for a while; a short while. We were friends. Now fast forward 30 years when we run into each other a noisy class reunion. Except getting older, I think we both sort of look the same. Okay, I'm fatter, but we won't go there. We tried to chat over the din, but finally agreed to have lunch sometime.

Well that sometime, after over a year, was today. We met a local place and when he walked in there were no big hugs or crazy expressions of affection. I saw him. He saw me, and I said, "Hi Bob." He said, "Want lunch?" I replied, "Yeah." Such conversationalists.

Over a couple of sandwiches we discussed life in general, travel to this country's beautiful national parks in specific. He brought his computer that holds a billion pictures. He was always a great photographer. We looked at them all, oooohing and ahhhhing. Comparing for light and color.

We parted as we always had, as friends, a brief hug and with the promise to do lunch again sometime. And hopefully, sooner than later, we will.

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Tammy H. said...

Sounds like you had a great lunch. We have a friend from college surprise us on Tuesday and is staying for a few days. Always nice. We are just talking to our dear friends (Uncle Lou, et al) whose daughter (our goddaughter) just turned 16 today. Seems like only yesterday she was born and we gave them a bottle of wine that would be ready for drinking in 16 years. Time flies. You have taught your daughters well, friends last a lifetime.