Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vermont Again

While at the track meet on Saturday the sad word came down that Uncle Peter had passed away. Sudden. For the past two days we have been among dear family and friends. Gathering to celebration a life and a loss. Weddings, wakes and funerals -- aren't families worth more?

It goes without saying that I love my family -- and I feel welcomed and loved by my husband's. But why why why do we not get together for the life of it. In the near future we will be heading to Alaska to visit Kyle and clan. We will spend more time in Vermont visiting family and friends. We will stop in Virginia to kiss the cousins and hug the kids. We will have impromptu family dinners. Funerals should not the only reason for families to gather.


Tammy H. said...

Patty, sorry to hear of your loss. I agree that too often we lament that families only gather en mass for tragedies more commonly than for happy occasions or no occasion at all. We too will embark to spend more time with family while they are still able to be enjoyed.

pale said...

Amen to that blog!! :)