Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Boiling Again

With the craziness of the house we are squeezing in boils when we can. Tonight I have a meeting at 7, but between now and then the pan is lit. And afterwards it will be me and my banjo long into the night. I'm looking forward to it

Light to Moderate best describes today's flow. We took in about 9 gallons from the 13 taps this morning. There is about three quarters of a gallon in each bucket this evening. Slow and steady is fine with me.

We use LP to fire the pan. For seven years I have loved it, but not this year. I wish we used wood. Wood would allow me to place the fire under the pan. Our set up gives me two circles for boiling. I'm thinking about getting a different burner. Wood is pretty much out of the question. It would involve a chimney of sorts and draw more attention to our city set up. Maybe a propane burner with jets running along the entire bottom of the pan.

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