Thursday, March 11, 2010

The sap did indeed run yesterday. We collected over 16 gallons and ended up 42 ounces of syrup. Christa at the Lazy Toad Farm commented that their buckets are being frequented by moths. Our's are too... and other guests, who come to drink the sweet waters. Truly I can't blame them.

I started our pan late yesterday afternoon, again this is quite a departure from our six year norm, of rising at 4, and boiling until right before dinner. This year, the pan has been usually lit mid afternoon, with the finishing and canning taking place around midnight. Either way, I love being out under the stars when even our busy street is quiet. Orion was my companion last night.

There was a hum of excitement layered under yesterday's session. On the hour, but without observing my watch, I walked the bucket line, collecting even the smallest amount and adding it to the pan. This jaunt took place right up until I filtered and finished. Why? I didn't want to have on hand 2 or 3 or 5 gallons of sap -- not enough to boil, but more than I like to waste.

The weather looks to be warm again... maybe this was our last hooray this short but sweet year. Only time and the trees will tell.

BTW: Those wires that are so pervasive in children's toys make excellent bucket hangers. I have a stash from birthdays and Christmas. And I would wager that I'm more excited to see the wires than the children are at receiving the toys.

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Tammy H. said...

Last night was a beautiful night. My youngest pointed out Orion and his belt. The world is truly small, staring at the same stars from hundreds of miles apart. Glad to hear you had a good sugaring night.