Monday, March 15, 2010

Three words

Tired. Rain. (no) Sap.

Okay four words -- but three real biggies and a wee one suggesting the sugaring season is over.

Tired, because my back has been killing me. Just a little pain, but stretched over days makes me very tired. I even handed off the homework war to my husband. "I can't handle this now." was my declaration of surrender. Uttered as I crawled upstairs and went to bed yesterday afternoon. I'll lay down for an hour was my thought. Two hours later, my daughter was waking me up to see if we were going to religious ed. We were.

Rain -- okay where is the ark? On the bright side -- at least, this morning, it is warm out. Cold and rainy is terrible. Cold and rainy gets between your vertebra and makes your back hurt... Hmmm... I sense a circular discussion going on here. Strange thing is, the only thing that helps the back pain is ice. Go figure.

(no) Sap -- Sadness...

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Tammy H. said...

Hope you are feeling better.