Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Cold Night

All this blogging about maple sugarmaking. You would think it was my livelihood. That we actually made money, instead of spending it. It's a hobby. It is an adventure. It's a gift.

Yesterday at the school pick up I was thinking about how I would tell the kindergarten teachers that there isn't enough syrup for the classroom visits with waffles, when a mom I know came up to me and asked, "I hear you make maple syrup?"

I didn't have the heart to dump onto her my weather woes so I smiled and nodded.

Well her son, who had tasted some of our syrup years ago, had some other syrup this weekend and reported, "This is as good as Mrs. H's." His mom had no idea we were sugarmakers. So in passing, as we both headed off after our children she offered to buy some of our stash.

There is no stash. Not yet at least. All those wonderful people, family and friends, who have been virtually lined up at our door, awaiting their long standing annual free bottle of syrup -- I don't think it is going to happen.

But we will see... The overnight temperatures dropped into the low 20s. The trees haven't leafed out yet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not to be mushy, I believe this year I will opt out of the maple sugar line for I found something better and more fulfilling. What you ask? My sister and her families love. This line I will stand in forever to get to hold you and your family for one second because you are so precious to me.

God bless you today and keep the nets cast, God is not finished with you today.