Friday, March 19, 2010

Saving the best for last.

Yesterday's warm temperatures squeezed out enough sap for what I believe will be the last boil of the season. For as the day progressed the sap flow wasn't even enough to satisfy the ants that gathered to drink the sweet water.

The pan was fired up around 9:30 with the idea I would add all the sap I had, all at once, never mind keeping the level low to maximize the surface to volume ratio. Still with having to filter the sap prior to its addition, this first step took over an hour. In the end I figured the boil consumed 12 gallons of sap; maybe a gallon or two more.

By noon the pan level had dropped to where it could easily burn so the contents were filtered and brought inside for finishing on the stove. Two hours later, the 2 gallons reduced to a healthy quart at the proper density, the syrup was done.

It is walnut dark, (on the right in the image below) and the girls tell me it is the best they have ever tasted. A gift. However long this year's meager stash lasts, this will be the last jar we open.

The Colors of Spring

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Anonymous said...

So thankful to be partaking of the slim bounty-THANK YOU!