Sunday, March 07, 2010

We Interupt this Boil...

... for Soup Night.

Last evening was our parish Lenten soup night. So the pan was lit early, furiously stoked (LP?) for a few hours. Extinguished for the supper set up. Relit for 5 hours of constant feeding towards finishing, then extinguished again until after our church gathering.

At the end of soup night, the clean up done, someone commented I should go home and put my feet up. I smiled and said, "We're maple sugarmakers. Today's batch is still in the pan and there is another batch in the bins for tomorrow." So. upon arriving home I headed to the shack first and then into the house.

It was a quiet finish -- resulting in what I call a heathy half gallon.

Soup Night was okay. We had almost 80 people sign up for the FREE event but at a maximum 40 attended. And it was great, with great people cooking, baking, serving, setting up, cleaning up and those in attendance engaged and delighted. But that one question plagues me: For on a whole, a group of individuals (our parish has 1400 families) that complain that there is nothing for them to do at our parish, why don't they attend these events we host for them to come together as one community?

Don't tell me you're busy. It's sugaring season...

I'm heading out to the shack. Maybe my answer is out there.

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