Monday, March 22, 2010

Did I not write today?

I think my do nothing day became a do nothing two day stint. Today, in preparing for the Brownies to come over to make pancakes and granola with our maple syrup, I basically set up the kitchen for an efficient attack. I had all the ingredients and kitchen implements laid out. I tried to pick up the house a bit. The call of the crossword puzzle from Sundays paper was strong. I resisted for a while, then gave in. Thinking those Brownies wouldn't notice the winter boots are still out.

They didn't.

When it is cold and raw, like today, I just want to stay in bed surrounded by my knitting, my banjo, and a stack of good books. Forget event planning, laundry and phone calls to return. How very selfish of me... And -- I thought I had written a blurb of wisdom here -- but obviously I hadn't. What pearl could I deliver for today: When you practice the banjo life slows down and sometimes, just sometimes, the music being played becomes recognizable.

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tammy H. said...

Good thing that you didn't decide to do something.