Monday, March 01, 2010

Late Night Boil

I'm usually not up for boiling sap at night. The usual routine is to wake up around 4, start the boil. Add sap until around noon, then finish the syrup by 2, for when the children come home. That is the usual.

Today I got caught with my bins full. Running around this morning, herding the cats for school, I gave the buckets a parting thought and decided I should check them. All where brim full. Their contents filed out storage bins. No time to boil, I left for a day long meeting. And it's not that I thought about the boil all day long, but it did cross my mind during breaks and lunch.

Home, I started the pan going around 5:30 PM. Knowing tomorrow is another busy day full of tutoring, class, doctor's appointments and meetings. So the plan to add sap until 10 and then finish was constructed. In the five hours over 24 gallons of sap were boiled. Right now I am waiting for the pan level to drop to a half inch. At that level I will filter the contents into my mega Le Cruest and finish the syrup in the house.

I checked one bucket tonight. Not much yield today, but that is good. As the next "day" I can boil is Thursday. Thursday I am under Sears house arrest from 8 to 5; the perfect time for boiling sap.

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