Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If it's morning, I must have a headache.

Sigh! Lately, as my eyes open the pain registers. Sigh! My next thought, the question: What the &*#$ is wrong with my sleeping position that I wake up with this seering pain? I shift. I try to relax. To send the pain away. My savior: Excedrin for Migraines. Two feet on the ground I shuffle off to the medicine cabinet to take two with any liquid easily accessible. Water. Day old coffee. Anything that will transport the thought saving capsules south.

Yesterday I had a silent migraine. Ever hear of them? Ever experience one? For me, my vision gets distorted, and it takes a second or two longer for me to process what I am trying to see. Not good when you are driving. I have been getting these for years. I can remember running in grad school and having to stop because my vision was blurred. The doctors at the medical center said it was nothing, well not nothing, but nothing to worry about. So for now over 20 years they come and go. Usually only a couple of times a year, but this past week I have experienced two of them. Maybe it is mental pause. I am of the age.

Excedrin for Migraines works like a charm. Already the pain is subsiding. What is it, the asprin, the caffeine? The whatever the big guns painkiller is? Still, it should not be part of my morning ritual.

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tammy H. said...

My sympathies. I developed migraines when I was pregnant with our youngest son and have had them off and on since then. Excedrin Migraine does work wonders. I hope you are feeling better.