Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Weekend

It was a busy weekend with the Rock-a-thon, Marathon Mile, parish breakfast and a run into Boston to Diablo's to pick up our necklaces and then over a few blocks to the Cathedral of the Holy Cross for Divine Mercy Sunday. All good.

I am so amazed by my girls. The eldest, quite a lady and able to understand mom can't be in two places at once. She ran the mile is 5 minutes 40; and then called to tell me the race was over and that she had fun. All done after participating in the parish rock-a-thon the night before -- rocking in a chair for 20 hours straight to raise money for charity.

The little ones love working at the parish breakfast: Now serving a consistent 180 -- even when it is a holiday weekend. It's nice to see everyone and to be able to serve the community at such a gathering. I especially love hearing the girls make plans to meet there friends at the breakfast.

After wards the two little ones, wanted to go check out Divine Mercy Sunday at the cathedral. Of course, that meant mom had to drive into the city. But it was fine; light traffic and we were good to go. We observed Adoration, and participated in singing the Chaplet. It was very moving, and the girls reverent. Our faith has some very interesting practices. Of course as we walked back out to the street they both agreed we didn't have to come back to do it again until next year. And that is fine by me. They give their faith a go, stretching it here, testing it there, and it's all good.

Tomorrow is Marathon Monday. It is all about the eldest, getting her where she needs to be and back again.

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