Friday, April 03, 2009


Remember when you were a kid riding a bike and you would yell, "HEY LOOK! NO HANDS!" Well that is just about how I feel about this dress. A dress that my middle one and I put together -- minus the zipper. But you can't see that from the picture. My mom is going to help us with the zipper tomorrow. And then the little seamstress and I will do the hem.

The last time I tried to sew anything from a pattern I was 14 and spending the summer with my nana, who was bound and determined to teach me and my year older sister to sew. For me, it didn't work. The half constructed garment was more like a rag; having the look of railroad tracks from all the seams that had to be pulled and restitched and pulled again. We worked for weeks on that dress then one day that project was gone. Nana had packed it away. I doubt she had ever come across anyone who sewed so badly. I bet she thought when she wasn't looking I used my toes instead of my fingers. And to think: I wanted to learn. Imagine what that pile of rags would have looked like if I didn't. Note: My sister's dress came out perfectly.

So, Nana I'm sure you're smiling, and thanks for your guiding hands. (I did the gather at the waist all by myself. Are you proud?)

And see you tomorrow Mom -- thanks for helping us with the zipper.

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