Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Vacation or Not To Vacation

That is the question.

This is the first April vacation in 12 years that we haven't gone to Florida. Not specifically to the land of Mickey, but to visit family. And I've been pondering: Do I like being home this week? Is this a prelude to what summer is going to be like?

We have definitely been busy. Marathon running, marathon cleaning, marathon laundry, movie marathons, marathon scheduling, and marathon driving (Not really -- when you consider we usually drive to Florida.), but any driving in the rain at night from a foreign venue is an emotional marathon to me.

I think what I need is less marathon and more rest. When we are on vacation there is Mommy time, little cooking, some cleaning, beach walking, game playing, and perhaps a day at my favorite roller coaster park -- Busch Gardens; maybe next year.

But for now, we will party on with this year's plans. Today is Sear's House Arrest from 8 - 5, making cheese for a First Communion white lasagna, First Communion practice, and playing taxi driver to the track star. Maybe I can get some Mommy gardening time in, or a strum or two on the Mommy banjo.

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Tammy H. said...

I know that feeling. Last week was spring break and it was more exhausting than anything. We had a house full of kids everyday which meant, cooking, cooking and kids do anything besides eat? Try to sneak out into the garden for a bit and enjoy.