Sunday, April 26, 2009

I claim today as my Mother's Day

Today was a perfect day, not to jinx it, for several hours remain.

Today I woke up, windows open, cool breezes blowing through the house. I breathed in, relaxed, and claimed today Mother's Day. I didn't tell anyone, for that might have ruined it. For on the already scheduled for prime time Mother's Day, the tension to please is so high, that tears flow, tempers flare, and I wish I lived on another planet.

So today, I claimed today. We all worked outside, raking, turning over the gardens, spreading compost, and moving plants. We cleaned out the sugar shack, and shed. Rested together and relaxed. I went for a long walk.

Happy Mother's Day to me. No cards, presents, special meals, flaring tempers or tears required.


Tammy H. said...

Good for you!

Laura Matthews said...

nice. well done!

MamaDee said...

sounds like a great day - we need to grab our moments when they come! good for you :)