Friday, April 17, 2009

Diablo Glass School

We took the troop to Diablo Glass School yesterday. What a place. We got a beautiful demonstration of a blowing a bowl and then the girls were given the opportunity of making fused glass pendants. The staff also helped the girls to create a glass plaque to decorate our meeting space; a nice extra that really impressed the troop.

I think the girls would like to go back in a little over a year, when they are all over 12. For when you are 12 and older you get to try glassblowing. Up until then, the youth are limited to what I would call cold glass work; fused glass, and prehaps stained glass, as they offer classes in both.

It's a great take. The girls had fun, and it gave them another creative outlet to explore.

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Tammy H. said...

Last year we did a class trip to Simon Pearce. When I got over 33 six graders floating around a gift shop where I fainted when I picked up a mug - it was all good. It was truly amazing to watch them blow glass into beautiful creations and make it look so effortless. Having a chance to actually blow glass - now that sounds like a lot of fun.