Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Yard waste pick up now available at a curb near you

I feel like the Dunkin Donuts guy saying, "It's time to rake the gardens." It's time to tackle the weeds that are greener and growing stronger than anything else in my yard. It's time to find the 5 dozen yard waste bags I purchased last fall, but didn't make the chance to fill.

Each year I have dreams about my gardens. I envision yellows, purples and pinks flowing down our embankments and spilling onto the lawn. Flowers spreading across the sidewalks with such enthusiasm that the traffic in front of our house slows to get a glimpse. Fruits and veggies so galore the produce man at the local market forgets my name. And each year, until now, it doesn't happen.

Each year, until now, the weeds take over, the ground hogs have babies and all 7 of them grow fat, and the squirrels take a bite out of each and every tomato before it has a chance to ripen.

But I'm not giving up. This year, I'll build a new fence and weed every morning before the sun turns the backyard into its own easy bake oven. This will be the year of the garden. I have a dream and no plans to travel further than my own backyard.

Now, to find those yard waste bags.


tammy H. said...

Go for it! I have those same ambitions every year but no fat family of groundhogs. Then the weeds come and I get demoralized.

We can be each other's inspiration! Grow girl!
While I can be the cheerleader, I am staring at a pile of seeds and jiffy pots.

Anonymous said...

May the force and Mother Nature be with you.