Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't sit under the apple tree

with anyone else but me...

At one time, our property was part of an orchard. When we cleared the poison ivy bushland from the backyard, the last Baldwin tree was taken. I admit it was a mistake, and since then, I am haunted by dreams of reestablishing a few trees of our own.

A few years ago, our middle one planted some apple seeds from one of her afternoon conquests, only to have them germinate into an orchard full of trees. One of these babies was killed by rodents this past winter, and when we found it, there was a profound sadness. Planted almost exactly where the old Baldwin stood, for five years we had watched and watered our orchard hopefulness.

Not to be thwarted, she announced, 'We'll just have to plant some more." And she did.

I love the fact she keeps trying. I love the fact she has such a wonderfully green thumb. I love the fact that someday we will harvest apples from this land.

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