Wednesday, April 22, 2009

They can surprise you

I have had the biggest ah-ha moments with the Girl Scouts. The latest one is over sewing. The girls in our troop love it. Their reaction was completely unexpected -- by me. As leaders, we thought it would be fun for them to make simple fleece hats that involved sewing one simple seam.

One seam and they were hooked. They wanted more. And this quilt is what they did. Each girl making a four piece square. Then taking turns with the individual assembly steps and ironing.

Not stopping there; they have a second quilt in the works. So in today's world where you can buy all your worldly needs, those basic skills like sewing, knitting, and cooking still have a place and should not be forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

Trainer, Instructor, Teacher, Educator, Professor and Rabbi, for it is people like you the quiet unassuming people that walk softly in this world that are the true Role models of our children. In years to come when our children walk the halls of life and come across a nice tasting bottle of Maple Syrup, a beautiful knitted product or even a quilt that tells a story, hopefully they will remember a soft spoken, knowledgeable and loving person that took time out of your life to expand their lives. For these days that your charges were guided with your hands were also guided by the hands of Christ.

Carry on...