Thursday, April 30, 2009

Planted today

The little ones helped me to plant our garden today -- all but the tomatoes, peppers and basil. Those plants we have to buy.

We have rows of lettuce and mixed greens. Rows of peas mixed in with corn, and a row of beans topped with Cilantro. The girls spread wildflower and marigold seeds in front of the beans and in the other veggie garden next to the house they put in gourd and squash.

Planting day is always a great time. We are outside, working together and having dreams of baskets overflowing with local bounty.


Anonymous said...

check out a friend's blog. It is fairly good and reminds me a lot about you.

Have a God Day!

Tammy H. said...

I love gardening. I can't wait until we can plant here... and have them live. Seedlings are started though!