Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I hope the news got this wrong

Imagine finding an unconscious person lying in gravel, calling the police and then refusing to check and see if the person is breathing... Read it for yourself.

I read it twice to make sure that I understood that the caller made the refusal. As I was on my walk this morning I thought about this. Maybe it was apparent from the state of the body that the person was dead. Maybe they couldn't really reach the person without endangering their own lives. Maybe they were overcome and couldn't complete the request. Maybe the news report is misleading. All things are possible.

I may be off base with my shock over this, but all I know, if I were that person and I might have been breathing and possibly saved, I think I would have appreciated a little bit of effort. Would you?

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Tammy H. said...

I hope so also. It is a sad commentary on people that life has such little value.