Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tired tired tired

For the past two days, I have awoken tired. My eyes not fully opened and I had the dreaded feeling of wanting to roll over and go right back to sleep. No such luck. Yesterday was errands, today is raking, fertilizing, and gardening. Throw in there, somewhere, cooking dinner and that is my day, slathered in a layer of fatigue. I find a bit of grace as I inch towards my finishing off the to do list: With each dandelion pulled I am one more dandelion closer to going back to bed this evening.

Another bright spot was I discovered a rogue apple tree in our yard. This is a great thing, as the local rodent population gnawed the bark off, and thus killed, one of our dear baby trees. Transplant tree to better location is another highlight of the to dos.

Now back to the regularly scheduled raking.

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