Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Our sugar shack is basically a garden shed, with ideas of grandeur. It's a great sugar shack. It keeps the wind, snow and rain off, while letting the steam out. A calm little fortress, that will now, in the off season have another purpose in my life. For the little shack has been converted into a stain glass studio. The pan is tipped up on its side, against a wall. The burner folded up next to it, and filling the space under my work table are stacks and stacks of faithful buckets.

So instead of taking up the dining and living room with my latest project, I am out in the shack. The doors propped wide open, letting in the cool spring air, so necessary for creative thinking. I hear the birds, step outside to check the garden (The radishes are germinating.) and work at a tortoise's pace on my latest project for Project Haiti.

This piece is inspired by a photograph taken by Betsy Bowman, who is author of the blog Spaghetti for Breakfast, and is finishing up a teaching stint at LCS.

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