Wednesday, May 05, 2010


We all have heard the term Hummer. And when we hear that term we generally think of an oversized SUV. Well this morning I was reminded of another hummer; actually I have two of them.

And that hummer would be my little ones, who hum when they are content. This morning while I was shoveling laundry against the tide of time, emptying the dishwasher, vacuuming and doing everything else possible to get the house picked up enough so the Parish Activities Committee could meet here tonight, the two of them were humming.

While I was getting my aerobic workout sans treadmill, the two of them were in their own little worlds, drawing reading, eating breakfast and humming. I smiled.

I love having the little one on the back of my motorcycle. While up upon her throne she hums as I carry her down the road or around the corner. We never go far. She is too light for a long trip or fast roads. She is better than a radio, and more calming than prozac -- when she hums.


Anonymous said...

So your kids do not lnow the words to the song. Do you want my kids to come over and teach them the words? Better yet teach them to play the flute...

Tammy H. said...

I know the sound you are referring to. Happy children are some of the best "hummers" in the world.