Sunday, May 23, 2010

You learn something new everyday.

It is amazing that even in my advancing years I learn new things everyday. Today was one for the kicker. For today I watched two catfish (what we used to call hornpout when I was growing up) fight. They were whiskers to whiskers biting eachother, until one of them swam away. Yes it was over a mate. The image below is the winner with his new brownish partner. And then another thing I learned today was that they nest under the silt. I was shocked as I watched them swim down a hole in the bottom of the pond. Amazing.

Adding to the excitement was saw sunfish, bass, a turtle and a mink -- of all animals.

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MamaDee said...

was this at the new house? The catfish nest reminds me of a scene in one the new sitcoms I like (cougar town) where the resident redneck goes catfish "noodling" with his son... I couldn't find the actual clip online, but here's the "inside scoop" with some clips... pretty funny :)