Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spring and Motorcycles

Today was the first true day of spring, for today was the first day we had the bikes out. I've been riding for 5 years, but every year I have to take the first ride alone. Just to make sure that I remember the hand, foot, eye dance it takes to keep a bike upright.

It didn't take long, by the end of the driveway I knew I was all set for another season of riding. Still I took her out for a nice long ride through the neighborhood. As I turned back on to our street, up behind me came the man with our daughter riding shotgun. One quick beep, and I glanced over to see her smiling face at my shoulder.

We chauffeured the girls around. Their humming and singing. Me avoiding the two very close accidents where two people, on two different roads, and runs, pulled out at the last minute in front of me.

Still on the bike is the perfect way to spend a Sunday, after church of course.

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