Monday, May 10, 2010

Still basking in the Mother's Day goodness

What a day yesterday was. Relaxed, cooperation all around. Give and take, and helping hands. I think everyone had a good Mother's Day. So why can't everyday be like that? Yes, I am probably asking for too much here, but it seemed to work. Of course, I haven't looked into the cleaned bedrooms... it's probably best I don't. As kid clean is ever momma clean. I have a problem with trash left lying about the floor and clean clothes stacked on the bed, or used an extra pillow. Someday they will learn, or not. But at least when they hear themselves telling their own children, "Pick up the trash. Why isn't that in the waste can? Those are your clean clothes, not a pillow, blanket or bolster..." they will hear my voice whispering in their ear.

And I won't be such an old ogre after all.

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day, mother or not.

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