Tuesday, May 04, 2010

When a door closes...

A window is opened. Isn't that always the case.

This weekend, due to our change of plans, we will be able to put flags on the graves of soldiers in our town's cemetery in preparation for Memorial Day. We helped out last year and it was very moving and meaningful. A small gesture that in no way equals what our troops did and continue to do for us.

I am glad we will be available to help with this worthy cause.


Tammy H. said...

When we lived in NJ our cub scout pack used to do the same at the cemetery closest to our house. It was a very memorable event for everyone involved. The boys, small as they were at the time, treated it with the enormous respect the task required. It was very moving to watch them.

P.H. said...

It is moving to watch them. They pause and read each stone.