Monday, May 03, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day, a day for moms. A day for moms to be a queen, rest, relax, forget the grind.

Well, this Mother's Day I was looking forward to a respite with work. The operative word in that sentence is was. For weeks I have been looking forward to waking up by the shores of a pond, in a shack that is ours, well ours and the banks. I had cleared the family calendar, no late Friday afternoon meetings. We were leaving town for the weekend. But reality hit with 5 words.

"Do I have a meet?"

No was my initial response. It's Mother's Day weekend. Who would have a track meet this weekend? Well there is a meet, the Coaches Invitational.

"It's important," the track star added.

"I know. Let's think about this and talk about it later."

Later was in two minutes. A mother's decision, we will stay in town. Still, this mom is having a tough time. I was so looking forward to setting mouse traps.


Tammy H. said...

Oh, Patty too bad! I am sure that you were looking forward to being up here!

P.H. said...

I was.

MamaDee said...

booo! i'm so sorry - the sacrifices we mamas make. I hope you at least get a raincheck!
I'll be at the circus where the gift is watching the joy in my little one's eyes. :) It's her first. It will be fun in spite of the chaos. ;)

P.H. said...

The circus will be a blast. Have fun!